General Information for Indian Migrants to Darwin

Indian Cultural Society of Darwin Inc. is a cultural organization promoting Indian culture, cuisine and general information to migrants to Darwin.

Darwin Population

The state of the Northern Territory has a population of approximately 210 thousand spread across three large towns of Darwin, Alice Springs and Katherine.

Darwin is a small city and you can get from one end to the other end of the city in 30 minutes. Darwin is a coastal town however one should not go into the waters as it has dangerous predators like salt water crocodiles and the deadly box jelly fish. All unmarked water ways and ponds are considered to harbour crocodiles. Box Jelly fish is predominantly abundant in the summer months or wet season. People should avoid the sea at this time of the year.

Darwin has a multicultural population and Indians from many states of India make NT home. The Indian diaspora is of about 2500 individuals in Darwin.


Darwin has two very distinct weather patterns. The dry season is our winter where temperature ranging from 25C to 18C prevails for 6 months. Dry is from April to October. There are no rains at this time of the year. Our wet season is humid and hot and is the rainy and cyclone season. This season prevails from October to April.

Temples and other facilities

Hindu Temple, Sikh Gurudwara, Buddhist temple, Islamic Mosque and Churches of various denominations are available.

Schools and University

Many public, semi-private and private schools are run in Darwin. These Schools are very good for our children. Public schools are free, semi-private charge some fee and private school are expensive. Charles Darwin University is the only duel sector university and you can get qualification from certificate one to diploma level technical and trade qualifications or degree to doctorate level qualifications.


Buses are available but not very frequent. Taxis and private cars are the preferred mode of transport.

Indian fruits and vegetable

Saturday and Sunday markets cater for Indian population that sell Indian fruits and vegetables. Rapid creek, Nightcliff, Parap, and Palmerston markets are popular.

Housing and Life style

Houses, apartments and townhouses are available for purchase or renting. Both renting and buying property in Darwin is expensive. Click on this website Click here, choose NT and you will be guided to the properties available in Darwin and Palmerston a suburb of Darwin. Darwin has a very casual easy going lifestyle. People are friendly and easy to get along.


Darwin is the capital of NT and 50% of the population work for the government.

Disclaimer : This information is of a very general nature and ICS takes no responsibility for your decisions to move to Darwin based on this information. You are advised to take independent advise from government websites before travelling.


Last updated: Sunday 28th of August 2016